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Environmental Policy

Quality Assured believes completely in protecting the future of our planet, not just for our children, but also for our children’s children.

All of our products and services have this driving ethos behind them, from our use of biodegradable chemicals, to the scrap paper in our own office, recycle is the key word.

Our cleaning chemicals are all (where humanly possible) biodegradable, non-toxic and come from an award winning environmentally friendly supplier. All of our products are bulk purchased, cutting down on packaging, and decanted into re-usable applicators, again reducing harmful packaging and waste plastics.

We supply recycled paper products, where requested, this reduces the need for tree felling in Brazil and South America.

All our office scrap paper is reused as note pads, and when completely unusable, recycled, as is all our office waste.

Ink and toner cartages are all recycled, even our computers our set to sleep when unused for a few minuets cutting down on our use of electricity.

We see sound environmental policies as a vital necessity to insure all of our futures, but we also realise that not everyone wants toilet paper made from recycled material, and there are some cleaning jobs that a biodegradable cleaner simply won’t do.

We believe that it is the little things that matter, from switching of and electrical appliance when its not used, to using energy bulbs in all our lighting, it all helps make a difference, and that is our goal, we cannot change the world, but we can change our own!

Paul Matthews

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